Paragon is a Leading Provider of Global Relocation and Consulting Services

Paragon Relocation is a full-service Global Relocation Management company providing domestic and international relocation services as well as global assignment management.

We are an independently owned company; therefore, we are free to collaborate with best-in-class providers based purely on performance, price and service quality. Paragon Relocation provides superior Corporate Relocation Services, Relocation Information Management, Relocation Payroll and Payment Processing, and Relocation Corporate Funds Management to our clients and the employees they relocate.

Global Mobility Consulting Services

Paragon creates cost-effective mobility programs that offer more services to the transferring employee, at less cost to the organization. (more)

Domestic and International Relocation Services

Paragon provides a complete range of cost-effective services to successfully manage your organization's domestic and international relocation program needs. (more)

Global Assignment Services

The barriers of language and culture are falling away. So, too, are the economic divisions that keep markets apart as more countries move towards free trade. (more)

Worldwide Destination Services

As global markets make the world smaller and increase competition, effectively deploying your workforce around the world becomes increasingly important. (more)

Mortgage Services

GenEquity Mortgage, Inc. is an independent, nationwide mortgage banker offering innovative mortgage solutions tailored to fit any buyer. (more)

Immigration Services

Paragon provides comprehensive visa and immigration services. We get your employees on the ground and on the job in an efficient and cost-effective manner. (more)

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